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PURE ENERGY is dedicated to bringing my clients to a state of relaxation, balance, and joy through massage and cranio sacral therapy. My goal is to provide an experience of tranquility in which the mind becomes thoughtless and clear while the body receives nurturing touch and releases tension. This state of deep relaxation allows you to receive work that rejuvenates all systems of the body - circulatory, digestive, immune, to name a few. When the tissues are restored on a cellular level, all systems perform efficiently, and you can perform tasks in life with more ease and joy. This is the goal for all of my clients!

NO ROUTINES! I approach each session as a unique opportunity to provide comfort, support, and relaxation. Each session will be different from the last, and each session is customized to the client's needs and goals. 






I'm so glad you asked. Because it's an exciting and highly effective way to release tension in the body. Craniosacral therapy is a light-touch manual (hands-on) therapy that focuses on improving the structure of the body - starting with the central nervous system. With light touch, the therapist assesses the subtle movements of the craniosacral system, fascia, and other tissues to detect restrictions and assist in the release of tension. The tissues of the body make up a highly integrated biological fabric. Because all of the systems are so intricately connected, dysfunction or trauma in one area always affects the whole. 

Click the link below to see one of the techniques used in a craniosacral session: the therapist positions the fingers at the base of the cranium (skull) and allows the weight of the client's head to create space between the occipital bone and the first cervical vertebra (C1)... gentle, effective, and it FEELS GREAT! 



LISA KRONER is located in Ventura, California. On-site massage is available, on either a table or massage chair, for small groups. Call today to discuss the needs of your client or group. 





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