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 Lisa Kroner - Certified Massage Practitioner 

"This is how I want to carry myself in the world: with a body full of strength, resilience, and wisdom.  And a mind that operates in a calm state of awareness. And this is what I help my clients achieve."

As a somatic therapist, my work is dedicated to relaxing the body and mind, and observing how that calm, clear state can facilitate self-love, healing, and a happier, more productive life. Over time, the effects of our beliefs, emotional trauma, and repetitive physical movement become stored in the body... and can lead to injury, pain, reduced mobility, fatigue, and illness. My work calms the client's nervous system so the body can show me what it needs. When the body feels safe, the mind becomes thoughtless and clear, and the client can access his or her own healing powers. I feel so fortunate to be able to help people in this way!

I create the space, you do the work. 

An explorer at heart, I've lived and worked all over the country. I now live in beautiful Ventura, California, and also spend time and work with people in Sitka, Alaska. I immerse myself in nature by backpacking, sailing, kayaking, and horseback riding. I love my work and I feel immensely grateful to help people discover healing through bodywork, breath, and movement. 

Kali Institute of Massage - Instructor, Enrollment Coordinator - July 2018 to present

Pure Energy by Lisa Kroner (owner, CMP) - June 2013 to present

EYOS Expeditions - massage therapist on Mist Cove, charter yacht expedition - August 2014

Botanika Organic Spa - Sitka, AK, January - April 2013

Volunteer Therapist - Sitka Cross Trail Classic Marathon/Half Marathon - August 2013, 2014



Cranio Sacral 1 (November 2014) - Upledger Institute

Cranio Sacral 2 (February 2015) - Upledger Institute

EcoSomatics Equine 1 (June 2017) - Upledger Institute 

Visceral Manipulation 1 (September 2015) - Barral Institute 

Introduction to Therapeutic Essential Oils (Feb. 2014) - Scensible Life Wellness Center,   Los Angeles, CA

Ear, Hand, Foot Reflexology (Nov. 2014) - Hands on Healing Institute, Los Angeles, CA

Certification Training (completed Dec. 2012) - Hands on Healing Institute, Los Angeles, CA


Tiny & me in the Big Horn Mountains, WY




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